Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nice to Know New Part of Neighborhood

The other evening I went over to neighbors to see their kitchen. They've just moved into one of the terraced apartments down the street from me. I'm hoping and planning to redo my kitchen, so I had been invited to see theirs. It is gorgeous!

I was asking about their building, since most families must walk a few flights down to get to their apartments. It seemed like a lot of steps, deja vu, for young families with babies and toddlers. When we lived in Bayit Vegan, we had three and a half floors to walk up and down. It's not easy. I was told that they don't walk all the way up to my street. What they do is go down. There's a bit of a street there from the caravan neighborhood, and the plan is for it to be widened and extended to to meet the other terraced apartments closer to our main road.

When I had time the other day, I took a walk to find the road and the bottom of the building.  Here are some photos I took of the area and the view.

Yes, there's lots of building going on here in Shiloh, thank Gd!

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