Saturday, January 28, 2017

Local Grocery Becoming a Real Supermarket!

Our local grocery store has gone up a notch. It now sells fruits and vegetables.

This has always been a well-run store, and it's actually the original in what is now a chain of three. The same person owns and runs the stores in Ofra and Eli. In Ofra, there is a separate greengrocer, which is what the situation had been in Shiloh until a few months ago. That's when the small greengrocer closed his shop. That made it possible, according to the original agreement between the two, for the grocery store to bring in fruits and vegetables, as you can see here.

The prices compare well to those in Rami Levy, which means that they are better than most stands in the shuq aka Machane Yehuda. Really, that's because the bargains in the shuq  aren't always easy to find. So, I'm glad that the prices are good. It means that there are fewer things for me to buy in Rami Levy, so I can manage easily going just once every two weeks. And also my husband can manage buying and schlepping less from Jerusalem. And it's nice to be able to support the neighborhood store and all who work there.

You may remember that I blogged about a store down the hill in the Industrial Zone. Now both are "supermarkets" competing for customers. That lowers the prices for us, too.

For the first ten years or more here in Shiloh, there was barely enough business for one small store or two to stay afloat, and now there are two supermarkets... Who could have predicted such a thing?

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