Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Pop Me, Self-Portrait for 52Frames, 2017

Every year 52Frames begins with a Self-Portrait. My first attempt was so overwhelming and traumatic, I can't picture it in my head. The second year I held my high school graduation photo to show how much I've changed. Last year I fooled around using mirrors and reflections in the New York hotel bathroom where we were staying at the time, (the hotel, not the bathroom.) And since we weren't home, it was taken with my phone.

This year, a new phone and another vacation. This time we were in Jerusalem and I overcame a fear -giving me the Extra Credit- and propped up my phone on a shelf in a store, the Moriah in the Old City, set up the timer, posed myself and shot.

Even after some color tweaking, I realized that I looked rather ridiculous. My glasses were still black from the sun, and I just wasn't wearing the right clothes for a portrait of any sort, south of the Arctic or north of Antarctica. So I began searching and experimenting with all of the various effects, kitschy and otherwise that my new Samsung J7, the top of the cheap line of Samsung smartphones. Finally, I hit pay dirt!

"Pop Me"
My generation. Like this I feel young again.
I love it!

What do you think?


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Good choice!!!

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