Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Homemade Soup at Coney Island, Jerusalem

Yes, again I revisited Coney Island, the "fast food" real food place at the lightrail stop on Rechov Yaffo, Jerusalem.

After much nudging from the friendly woman behind the counter, I agreed to try their "Orange Soup."  Now, for those who don't know what Orange Soup is, it's as vegetable soup made mostly of orange vegetables, carrots, sweet potato and pumpkin. And then it's blended by using one of those "stick blenders" into a creamy soup, yes, just what you'd feed an infant or young toddler. And at NS5 for a cup, it's a bargain and also pure enough to feed to a baby. I'm highly sensitive to the smell of "soup powder" and didn't feel that there was any here.

Most of the drinks, coffee etc are NS5. Nice sized sandwiches are NS12 for the ready-made and NS16 if you choose your filling.  That is a better price than I've seen elsewhere. Believe me that you get lots more sandwich, especially the filling, in the Coney Island sandwich than you'll get in three NS5- ones.

I've already blogged about what a great deal their salads are. The soup and salad were my dinner one night last week. Even though their setup is small, there are a few tables, and I was able to have a relaxing meal right in the Center of Jerusalem on Jaffa Street.

Coney Island is strictly kosher and does catering in dairy, meat and parve. They also have a large selection of gluten free bakery products. For more information, Avi 054-569-6135, Yael 052-668-4005, Avi@coneyisland.co.il.

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