Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A couple of recipes

I'm just trying to catch up on things, and one of the things concerns food. I photographed food I cooked and planned on posting the recipes. Luckily I found them. Now I'm pretty sure I didn't post this yet, though I may have alluded to them.

First of all, before Passover, I had a lot of food to finish, and I didn't want to deal with pots and pans. There's some sort of saying about "desperation" being the seed for inventions or something like that.

1- Well, the situation was that I had kasha, buckwheat, and I wanted to finish the package. I cut up some mushrooms and onions, put them with the dry, hard kasha in an aluminum pan. Then I added some water and a bit of oil. I wrapped it all very well with foil and baked. How long? Exact proportions? Sorry, but I don't measure, but I must tell you that it was the best kasha I had ever eaten!

2- Vegetable Kugel (cake/casserole)

I did this in the blender for Passover. Like all good holiday food, it tastes great all year long.
As you can see, I made a quantity and froze what we didn't need immediately.
Basically, it's done by blending a carrot, squash, onion and potato with an egg or two. (Double, triple, etc the quantity and play with proportions.) Mix the mush, add some salt, pepper (and chopped or dehydrated greens, like parsley or dill if you want.) Add a couple of spoons of oil, then matzah meal (or bread crumbs or flour) to soak up the liquid a bit.
Pour into baking pans, dribble some more oil on top, and bake! They're yummy!


frumhouse said...

The food looks wonderful. I always love your photos.

Batya said...

Thank you so much.