Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Food, Family and...

Yes, I'm back blogging. The sinks, both meat and dairy, are over-flowing with dishes, pots etc. My son is, G-d willing, on his way back to Jerusalem and work. My daughter's trying to pack, and hers are a bissel over-tired.

Last night's Passover Seder went well; I think.

I was in charge of the food and I didn't hear any complaints. They wouldn't dare complain after all the work I did!

I made lots of chicken soup with "kneidelach," and after serving it at the seder and again today for lunch, it's almost gone. I made it in stages.

  • First I boiled up the chicken in a large pot.
  • Then I took out the chicken and cooled both separately in the fridge.
  • The next day I took out the soup, skimmed off the fat, which had hardened.
  • Then I added lots of vegetables, such as: onions, carrots, parsley roots and leaves and celery leaves.
  • Since I was afraid that there wouldn't be enough room in the pot, I cooked up the kneidlach separately.
  • I added just a drop of salt and pepper.

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Baleboosteh said...

Sounds great Batya!

I am sure the reason why there was no complaints is because the food was superb!

I can only hope that one day I can cook as well as you do.

muse said...

Thanks, it was all very simple. I'm sure you're a great cook.