Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Yom HaAztma'ut Menu

Nu, so what did you eat? Post your menu and send it to me for the Kosher Cooking Carnival!

First of all, we didn't picnic. Every year we go to my cousin's house. Her husband and sons, now led by son #1 barbecue in the back. There are lots of salads, too.
  • green this year mostly tomatoes and cucumbers--very Israeli
  • cole slaw
  • potato salad--NY style
  • chumus and stuff like that

We drink wine, yes wine, red and even white wine. There's also water and juice and some soda.

And of course all sorts of meat and poultry, well-marinated and perfectly grilled.

  • chicken wings
  • spicy-hot somethings (don't really know what they're called; they never had such things in the NY delis of my youth)
  • not quite kebabs, or the sticks were taken out of the interesting meatballs, which weren't beef
  • "unbreaded" schnitzels, after 25 years of vegetarianism, I'm having trouble with the carnivorous vocabulary
  • stir-fried rice
  • there were probably other things, which I can't remember

And we ate indoors at a couple of tables set out in the large livingroom-diningroom.

And if I didn't mention it, everything was delicious!

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