Monday, December 24, 2007

Different Perspectives

I'm a special ed teacher, or at least my specialty is finding unique and creative ways to explain things to people who don't succeed with the classic or regular techniques. I didn't major in "special ed;" I just found myself in situations in which I had to teach kids with difficulties, before I learned "how to teach."

Yes, that's my background. One of my "inventions" is calling "long" and "short vowels," "strong" and "weak." When you say their names, "strong vowels," you need stronger facial muscles. In contrast, you need very little muscle strength for the "weak" or "short vowels."

Periodically, I'm reminded of how different things seem depending on where you're sitting. Yesterday morning, I was reminded anew while waiting for my ride to the Ofra Girls High School, where I was to test students for the Interview part of the English Bagrut.

As I walked down to the sidewalk, I admired the gorgeous green of the weeds, as the early morning sun shined through.

side one
But then, a few seconds later, when I looked at the same scene from the sidewalk, the green was lacking that glow.
side two


loonyhiker said...

I too am a special ed teacher and see life differently from this point of view. Are you a member of the Council for Exceptional Children?

muse said...

Sorry, loony, but I'm not. I live in Israel.

vicki said...

I like you for many different reasons--now I've added one more reason--you are a special ed teacher. I, too, taught special ed students. I was involved in a transition program for ED and conduct disorder students from special schools to regular high schools.

muse said...

Thank you so much m'dear. Glad we have something else in common.