Friday, December 07, 2007

How do You Light Your Chanukah Menorah?

Growing up, we knew one way and one way only. No matter how religious or not your were, there were only those little, easily broken, colored candles. That's if your menorah was standard, because I have these vague memories of a small child-sized one, and for that we put in tiny candles, like from a birthday cake.

I must credit Lakewood Venter for starting me on this thread.

My husband still prefers the "no muss, no fuss" candles, but years ago, here in Israel, of course, I got hooked on olive oil.

One year my in-laws were visiting from New York, and we were also having other guests, and the kids were getting older, and I had to buy a slew of new Chanukiyot, so I took the plunge and bought a bunch of simple oil Chanukiyot. The first year was great fun, but the next year I had to replace some of the little glass holders, and the next year some more. Before I knew it we had every size and shape and many blackened with oily soot.

Some years we tried to save money and bought "special cheap light only olive oil. I should have been suspicious at the "not for food consumption" label. Well, I'd say that they shouldn't be lit either. The smell and black smoke, and bright green color all mean that there's something in there that didn't grow on a tree.

This is how it stands, about how I light:

I light real olive in oil and set a unraveling wick in a metallic-coated piece of cardboard, I have lots of oil pots, all different sizes, but some of the oil pots are too small, so I cut the cardboard, but if I cut the cardboard too small it sinks...

Chag Orim Sameach, Have a Light-Filled Holiday!


therapydoc said...

We use olive oil,and it's really very beautiful. The holiday flies by so fast.

muse said...

Yes, doc, I agree. The picture I posted with this post is from last year's "pin the candle on the menorah" we played.