Monday, December 31, 2007

Back to "Routine"

As you know, I'm an Israeli English Teacher...

I just spent my last four days off, two Sundays, Thursday and Friday, testing high school girls in nearby schools.

The "oral" Interview Test is both fun and the most complicated to prepare for. It's not just a "chatty" talk.

There's a structure and very clear rubrics, or guidelines on how to grade it. Sixty points are about a research project. To get full points, the students are supposed to talk for three minutes and then answer questions. If they don't do that, and it does take preparation, then I have to take off points. Unfortunately, not all the teachers train the kids for that requirement. Also, in some schools, they have the test a year or two after they've done the project, so it's not so fresh in their minds.

In one of the schools, I tested in the science labs, as you can see by the decor. I tested in girls schools, and I was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of science majors, physics and biology.

There were other views, a new neighborhood.

I really do enjoy the job of testing, because I can discover how wonderful the younger generation is.

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