Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Easy, One-Pot Vegetable Soup

I must admit that, as I write this, the smell of the soup is driving me nuts, but it's only half an hour until the end of the fast.

Usually I make a two-pot vegetable soup, which is always delicious. But then I make too much, and I just made it last week during Chanukah, so I decided to make a quicker, easier and smaller one.

First thing I did was to take a handful of beans, check them, rinse them and put them in a pot with boiling water.

  • I let them cook 15 minutes, then sit, covered*, for an hour.

  • pour out the liquid, since people say that beans are easier to digest if you pour out the first liquid

  • next some split peas, check, rinse, add to pot with more boiling water and cook at least a half hour. Sit covered.

  • Then I added cut-up onion and carrots

  • Tomato paste and rice and lots more water, and cook for an hour.

Put in salt, pepper and whatever a few minutes before turning off the flame. And let it "sit" a bit more.

*Cover with a heavy towel to keep the heat in the pot.

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