Friday, December 14, 2007

For Shabbat

Do you see that funny little metal thing? It covers the "light fan switches" for the fridge/freezer, and it's attached by two small magnets. Do you want to guess how much it costs?

A couple of weeks ago, when I was sick of course, I couldn't get the Shabbat light-stopper to stay on. That meant that we could neither open nor close the fridge, since by opening it the light went on and closing it went off, which is forbidden on Shabbat.
On the old fridges it was easy. As soon as the fridge arrived we would just unscrew the bulb and live happily ever after, until the death of the fridge. Our previous fridge had a little thing which held back the light switch. We put it in Shabbat mode and that's how it stayed until we dumped the fridge.
We were told that this new one was more complicated and we spent a fortune for a little plastic thingee, which began misbehaving. Like some severely hyperactive kid, it just wouldn't stay put. This fridge isn't even two years old. I called the store and they said that I can buy a special "magnet."
OK, but the store is only open in the morning and not every morning. I finally made it there yesterday. The lady remembered my many calls and handed me this little metal thing. When I balked at the price, she even offered to hold my check in case it didn't work and only deposit it if I gave my OK. Yes, I could return it.
As You can see in the picture, it does work.
Do you want to guess the price? Would you believe ns100? Yes, one hundred shekels. At today's rate, that's $25- including tax!
But it's for Shabbat...

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