Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thank G-d, Better

As Shabbat began, I was bundled on the couch with a high fever. I had my husband cancel our Shabbat meal at neighbors. To make matters worse, I couldn't get the Shabbat "thing" into our fridge, meaning that the light and fan would go on if opened, so we couldn't use it. Good thing I wasn't hungry. Later he went to a neighbor and stored things in their fridge. Now I have to get the "service" to repair it.

But Baruch Hashem, thank G-d, I'm feeling better. The 24 hours have passed, and by tomorrow it'll be 48 and back to business.


Emah S said...

Refuah Shleimah!

muse said...

Thanks so much.
Just when I thought that nobody reads this blog unless they're looking for my super simple plain cake or banana cake, and maybe I should stop posting, I got these "get wells."

Juggling Frogs said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better, Batya!

There's nothing like that burst of energy following recovery.

Suddenly everyday things feel possible again, and gratitude flows freely for the very things that seemed a hassle before...

muse said...

jf, thanks, you're right
It was so funny having lunch today with a friend. For two days I couldn't deal with food and couldn't do a thing. And today I was busy and eating like it had never happened.
Baruch Hashem!