Thursday, December 20, 2007

What Next?

That's my latest work of art, the hat with some tops I have to match. Now, my problem is what to crochet next.
A few years ago, before I crocheted hats, when I was still doing needlepoint, I met someone who told me how much fun she had crocheting hats. She also told me how many she had--dozens and dozens--I can't remember the exact number. But I do remember that my reaction was:
"I don't want to have so many hats. I don't need so many hats."
Then I ran out of wall space, and airplanes stopped allowing scissors (needed for needlepoint) so I began to crochet.
And, yes, I've lost count of how many hats I've crocheted. And yes, again, I don't need so many. But really, crocheting isn't that awful a vice. And I do wear hats every waking moment of the day.
My big problem is that I don't know how to crochet anything other than hats. OK, when my grandson gets older, I'll be able to crochet him kippot. I used to crochet for my daughter, but she does nicer stuff.
I have all sorts of yarn and string left over, and I'd like to use it, instead of buying more. That way the hats, or whatever, won't cost anything. Two of the colors I used in my last hat were left-over from other projects/hats.

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