Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Am Not Making This Up!

I think I've mentioned that one of the things keeping me busy this week, and next, is the fact that I'm testing students in other local high schools. Part of the English requirements here is an "interview." With the exception of the lowest level, it's done by an outside teacher.

I really love doing it. I find it even more fun than teaching. The kids want to do well and are very receptive. It's a structured interview. Sixty percent of the points are based on how well they can talk about a "research project" they did in English and the other forty percent is a personal interview.

Since I only work part-time, it's easy for me to make the time to go to other schools. This year worked out very well. One school asked me to teach on Sunday, which is a day off for me, and another school asked for Thursday and Friday. I don't work then, either. I just made one condition, transportation. "Tremping," hitchhiking is awful enough as my mode of transportation for work, but if they want me in a good mood to appreciate how great their students really are, I shouldn't be stressed out trying to get to their school.

No problem. Both schools agreed.

Sunday's transportation was great with a young driver I know well. But I was getting very worried about tomorrow's arrangements; I hadn't heard from the school. Today, I was terribly busy trying to get tests and assignments prepared before work, and I didn't have a break the whole time. We were doing "practice tests." I had sent an email to the teacher in charge before going to work, but I was worried. She hadn't called.

Winter is setting in. The insulation has lost the summer's heat, and it was very cold at work. The room I was in didn't have heating. I couldn't relax, worrying about tomorrow. Had they really made arrangements?

Then I waited a long, long time for a ride in the direction of home. It was cold, very cold. I kept trying to remind myself that when I wait a long time, there's usually a pleasant surprise, but...

By the time a car came by, opened the window and announced: "Ariel," I could hardly think. I asked if I could get off at the Shiloh Junction. I had barely gotten in when the women in the front seat said hello to me by name. I was surprised. I was so tired and hadn't expected someone I knew. She continued that she hoped she had prepared her students well for tomorrow's test.

Yes, I Am Not Making This Up! I couldn't believe it. I told her that I still hadn't heard about my transportation. Maybe she could contact the teacher who was in charge to find out what was going on.

Better than that. Her husband, who was driving, is one of the administrators and began calling up all their drivers to find the one who was supposed to pick me up. It took about four phone calls, then BINGO! The right driver who was concerned that he hadn't gotten exact instructions. So, we made all the arrangements right there, on my way home.

And when I got off at the junction, immediately a car came, and the driver took me straight to my door.

Baruch Hashem, Thank G-d
Hashgacha Pratit, Divine Providence


tnspr569 said...

That's great!

I haven't been commenting as much due to wacky Internet access here; the Internet connection doesn't get along very well with some Google services, it seems. I have been reading, though!

You'd be proud of the food I'm making- healthy and tasty!

muse said...

I'm glad you're doing well. Too bad you're so far away.

RivkA with a capital A said...

great story

(thanks to Muse for the link)

muse said...

my pleasure