Sunday, December 16, 2007

They Sure Don't Make Shopping Bags Like They Used To!

Who could ever resist that hot pink and black bag? Certainly not any of us from the '60's.

Davka, the New York Times has an article about the great shopping bags the stores are giving out with your purchases there.
Last week after buying the whole family Chanukah presents, I figured better safe than sorry* and bought myself some presents in "Crazy Line." The bag was worth it! And when I asked the saleswoman for some more bags, to make it easier to carry all the gifts, she was very generous. You would have thought I had ought myself a whole new wardrobe there, instead of just a few tops.
So, the message is, you don't have to shop in New York to get great, free shopping bags from stores.
*just to make sure I had some gifts, too, of course

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