Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dishes Waiting, but...

Just a few words...

Nice Shabbat, my married daughter was over with her family.

Her eldest must have fallen out of bed and ended up opening her chin. At 2am, we weren't going to bother the local doctor. 8am was early enough for that. So it was closed with glue.

Sure beats what I had to do with my 3rd, when she, at about the same age, split hers. I had to take her to the Hadassah, Ein Kerem, Emergency Room in a cab. I don't remember why we didn't go to Shaare Tzedek. Then after she was checked, we were put into a small room and I was given a suppository and told to "stick it in..." Well, I did. When she was unconscious I looked for medical staff. Yes, we were alone. She was stitched up, and I don't remember much more than that.

Besides the medical emergency it really was a nice Shabbat.

I have lots of dishes to do. I was at a synagogue meeting, and we voted to expand, finally.

This week I agreed to do administer the Oral Test (Interview) of the English Bagrut, in a couple of high schools. It's work but fun, and both schools are providing me with taxi service.

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