Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can You Hear Me? No Fun, At Least For Me.

Last night we were at a lovely wedding, except for one thing, the noise. They had the DJ with the loudest sound system. He must be in cahoots with the hearing aid business. We were put in the tables furthest from the action, and we kept escaping out the doors.

I was walking around with my fingers in my ears, not very suitable for a 60 year old grandmother, but no choice. Then a friend told me of a technique. He took the soft part of the bread, squished it into two small balls and told me to stuff them in my ears. I did it. OK, it wasn't as effective as my fingers, but at least I had use of my hands and I didn't look like some total nut case. I could still hear people talking to me.

It really should be against the law to have such noise.

Considering that the wedding was absolutely gorgeous, the food was delicious, the couple radiant, our friend overjoyed that her son was getting married, why ruin it, ruin the guests' health, and there were babies there too, with dangerously loud noise?


Anonymous said...

One of the reasons I think babies do not belong at weddings is because of the noise. As much as the band/dj should be respectful of people's hearings, I firmly believe it is a failure of parents to permit their young children (especially babies) to be in a room with music that loud. The responsibility goes two ways; parents should have the sechel to know that babies should not be in that kind of environment.

Batya said...

And the people making the event should know that soft is more pleasant, healthier and I'd even say sexier. Watching a bunch of adults jumping around to loud noise is a total turn off.