Monday, August 24, 2009

Annoying Problem With Explorer 8

In some ways, Explorer 8 is like Firefox. I've had to train my eyes to see the tabs on top of the page, instead of on the bottom. Yes, tabs, since they use less power than new pages.

On Firefox when I click a link I get a tab usually, not a new page. But on Explorer 8, I get a new page, so what's the point? In order to get a tab, I have to "right click" and choose "new tab." It's an extra double-step.

My computer is old and slow. The maiven added an extra memory piece, but it's like someone with severe heart problems getting a pacemaker, or a politician/executive with a bad memory having an assistant whispering crucial information like people's names in his/her ear all the time.

A few years ago, we tried firefox on this computer and wasn't pleased with it. I guess it's improved, since it's fine on the other one, or the other one is newer and suits it better. OK, newer by us is old by anyone else's standards. But, bli eyin haraa, as long as they still work, we'll save the money we don't have.

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