Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I Almost Ended Up Spending The Night On The Bus

I am really exhausted even though I set my alarm for two hours later than usual.

Yesterday started "regular," though I had gotten to sleep later than normal the night before. I spent less than an hour at the pool and then puttered around the house.

Then I was off to a wedding. Getting there was easier than originally expected. It took awhile to make the arrangements, but they went well, bus to Jerusalem, got off at Ammunition Hill (Ramat Eshkol/French Hill junction), bus to town to another couple going to the wedding and then to Kibbutz Tzor'a by cab. Beautiful wedding. G-d willing, I'll post some pictures.

Going home got complicated when I realized that the friends who had said they'd take me to Jerusalem never arrived. Then a friend from way back when started helping out. There were very few guests from Jerusalem and none from my neck of the woods. But, B"H, a ride was found, a great ride at that, and I made it with time to spare to the bus station.

The bus ride was comfortable, too comfortable, and the driver woke me with:
"Lady, where did you say you wanted to get off?"

It's a good thing he remembered that I needed Shiloh!

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