Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"...And While I'm At It..."

Last night we were, thank G-d, may there be many more happy couples, at yet another wedding. (Illustrative picture is from a different one--busy season!)

A few minutes before the ceremony started, when the sun was still brightening the lawn where the bride was receiving her guests and near where the chupah (wedding canopy) was set up, a neighbor came up to me:

"I was looking at who's here and trying to figure out who must have a Safer T'hillim, Book of Psalms. You have. Don't you?"

"Here, take it."

"And while I'm at it, may I also borrow your reading glasses?"

Yes, we're full-service helpers here in Shiloh.

This is a neighbor who helps others so much more than I ever have, so I was so happy to do something for her.

There's so much going on that people are hardly aware of, so many more serious issues than lending reading glasses and a T'hillim. I find living in Shiloh such a great privilege and treat. Thank G-d for my neighbors.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you; it is a blessing to have good neighbors.

Batya said...

Nothing better. I always feel that I've received more than I've given, so I appreciate when someone asks a favor.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

I enjoy helping people too. It really does seem to be wedding season, I was reading another post where someone wrote about a wedding, plus I went to a wedding last night.

Batya said...

We've been to five weddings in barely two weeks. And we're not among the more "popular" here in Shiloh.