Thursday, August 13, 2009

Strange Week

For some peculiar reason, which I can't figure out, I just didn't get some minimal cleaning and straightening out this week. All of a sudden, tonight, I realized that I hadn't cleaned out the little glass things that hold the Shabbat candles.

It's Thursday night and I was planning on going to be early, but it's already late. I just finished that chore.

I'm very tired. I almost fell asleep trying to get my grandson in the sleeping mood for a nap. He wasn't interested.

I had a couple of meetings for the subbing job, but I still have to find all my certificates so my pay could be calculated as high as possible.

Shabbat is in less than 24 hours. Read or not, yes, if I'm ready or not, it will come.


Toto said...

Easy tip for cleaning the little glass candle holders.......drop them into a cup/bowl of very hot water.....let sit. when you remember them the wax will be floating on top!

Batya said...

Thanks Mrs. S, for years I have doing something similar. I have a couple of plastic containers for it. I put the glass holders in them with a little laundry detergent and then add boiling water. Somebody on Jewish flybabies suggested it.
This week my house never got straightened from Shabbat. Usually I take care of the glass holders by Monday.