Sunday, August 30, 2009

Information Overload, My Computer and I

My PC isn't very pc. Yes, that's another thing we share. The first is Information Overload.
It's a constant battle to make sure I don't overfill the limited memories, both the computer's and mine. I must start relating it to my diet coaching. If I can lose over 30 pounds (about 15 kilo,) still dropping, I can learn to delete unnecessary data and only ingest the most important.
I can update my wardrobe by wearing things in different ways (and having my trusty friend alter to my new size. And I don't have to update the computer every time a nudgy reminder jumps on my screen.
Never having had been a slave to fashion, not having been built "the build" and never rich enough to follow the crowds, I'm perfectly happy to look at my old bulky computer and tv screens. That is, as long as they cooperate and light up when switched on.


Keli Ata said...

I discovered a little trick to help free up more memory on the computer; it's useful especially if you download a lot pictures from a camera or video and music files.

Even though you delete video and/or picture files they can still be on your computer in a hidden file.

Here's what I do to get rid of them: start on the comp

2. Click search

3. click photos, videos, music.

4. type in the name of a file or something close to it.

5. Once the computer starts searching, click stop search.

Scroll down and click on search for similiar files.

That will open up every video, music, picture file, including those you thought you deleted. Then you can just delete them.

I use Google's Picasa3 for photo-editing and it always save a copy of the picture in a hidden file on the computer. Even if you delete the original the copy remains on your computer and uses up memory.

Batya said...

Keli, thanks for the great idea. I'll have to try it.