Saturday, August 29, 2009

Finally, An Efficient Use of Time

For over a week, I've been embarrassed by the sorry state of my chipped purple nail polish. It looked great a couple of weeks ago, when I gussied up to go to a wedding, but nail polish doesn't last forever. I kept planning:

"Today, I'm going to do my nails."

Then it would be the next day and the day after and my nails just looked worse and worse. And Sunday, meaning tomorrow, I have the big pre-school year staff meeting where I'll be subbing. I just can't go looking so unkempt.

Tonight, once Shabbat was "out," I turned on the computer and then had to wait and wait until the Ol' trusty, bli eyin haraa, got all lit up and ready to type. Suddenly, I had a great idea. I ran to the closet, took out the nail polish remover and some cotton. Then I got to work on my nails. By the time my husband came in and called me for Havdala, I could barely hold the candle because of my wet nails.

At least I had something to do while waiting...

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