Monday, August 24, 2009

I Twooze, If That's The Term

I not only WEJEW, even though it doesn't like my blogs, now I'm Twoozing, if that's the correct term for it. From what I understand, the WEJEW, people aim to establish safe Jewish alternatives to all of the "social media" services, or whatever they're known as.

I guess
Twoozer is a combination of Twitter and shmooze. I'm pretty much ignored on Twitter and am curious if I'll be a more popular Twoozer. And no, I'm not going to do all this by phone!
And re: my avatar, profile picture. Yes, it's old. It's from my high school days in Great Neck North, not quite the hot bed of Jewish Life, though I did my best. I was in NCSY, SSSJ and attended YU Seminars. Yes, there was anti-Semitism in my Great Neck Public School. The sewing teacher downgraded me an entire mark, from A to B, because I refused to appear in the fashion show on Shabbat.
That's it for now, before the virus scan clicks in and slows this computer to an unbearable/unbloggable speed.


Jew Wishes said...

I will have to check WEJEW out.

Batya said...

I like it. There's a time-lag when you upload, so they can check to see that the movies are clean. But at least if you're looking for something, you won't be unpleasantly surprised.