Monday, August 17, 2009

Email Update

Earlier I had ranted/kvetched a bit that our netvision emails were not uploading at all. We could send but not receive. It started when I turned on the computer Saturday night after Shabbat, and there was no improvement Sunday morning.

So yesterday, as if I had nothing else to do and no place to go, I called netvision service customer support to complain/consult.

"Tmichat technit," customer service specialist #1 took the whole story, checked out our account and confirmed that there was a backlog since Friday evening. None of the mail was large enough to have caused a "traffic jam." Finally she announced:
"You need to speak to a superior/higher ranking customer service specialist."

She (yes, for the first time in all these years I've dealt with females) gave me my "complaint file number" and transferred my call. Another female technician was on the line, re-asked a few questions and a few new ones, too. Then she told me that it would be a good experiment to try the computer's Outlook Express, rather than Mozilla Thunderbird, which we had been using.

Then she coached me through the sign in process, and I clicked send/receive.... and forty or so (I could have written forty odd, but I didn't want to offend any of the senders) emails entered the inbox.

An added bonus is that the computer is working very quickly, bli eyin haraa, this morning, as it was when we returned from our London Betar Reunion... but that's another story.

PS Apparently there's a problem with mozilla.

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