Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Custom-Fitted Affordable Earplugs

I just noticed that this is the 3,8001h post on this blog. It boggles the mind, or should I say "bloggle?"

"Regular" readers may remember my rant about that
DJ noise we suffered when we were trying to celebrate. A friend came to the rescue with his "Custom-Fitted Affordable Earplugs."

I was extra-lucky, since they even matched my outfit. The earplugs were easy to make. He took some soft bread, rolled it around in his fingers, until they felt like clay. I put them in my ears, and they dulled the sound a bit, enough so I could stay in the room.


Mrs. S. said...

I like your hat!

Batya said...

I love hats and enjoy the hair-covering mitzvah.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Knayna Hora, that's a lot of posts!

I was just at a wedding last night, and they put ear plugs on the table, it was the first time I saw such a thing.

Balaboosteh said...

You are looking super healthy Batya! It is great to see!

Like Mrs.S. I also love your hat :)

Balaboosteh said...

Oh, and looking forward to loads more posts too!

Batya said...

I've been blogging a long time and generally post more than once a day. I'm glad you enjoy them.

jsbabysitter, that's really something. But wouldn't it be better to just have softer music?

thanks, baleboosteh, I hope you're feeling well. regards to the bagel.