Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Really Enjoying Those Compliments!

Public Diet Update

True I haven't recently written much about the new me. As expected, my weight loss isn't going on forever, and I may have reached close to what I'll be if I don't change my changes into something more extreme. Honestly, I have no desire to do such a thing.

I don't see the point in adopting eating rules I can't live with, because then I'll only backslide/cheat and end up gaining much more than the weight I am now.

One big accomplishment is that I'm much too thin for the fat lady stores. I wear regular sizes, not the skinny ones, but not the bigger ones either.

According to the charts, I'm still overweight, and I still weigh more than I used to between pregnancies, before that strange weight gain. But I have lost weight, more than half of what had been added somehow.

This month I've eaten more than I would normally eat, because we've been to a number of weddings. I've easily succeeded in staying away from carbohydrates, but I certainly had more protein than recommended. The interesting thing is that on the day following, after eating double or triple the protein recommended for one meal, my appetite is reduced. There's an important message there:

Hunger, cravings, binging are probably
the results of insufficient protein.
If you eat enough, your body won't demand extra food!
I'll see how my weight is after a few days of "normal eating" to see if I resume weight loss.
In a couple of weeks, I'll have a new challenge, since I was asked to substitute teach in a nearby high school. I'll have very little control over my schedule, so I'll have to find solutions to how to eat the right foods frequently and without stress. The job will add a lot of stress to my life, but it should also be very stimulating in a positive way. I still see Life Coaching, with a specialty in Diet Coaching, as my next career. Teaching and Coaching are related.

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