Saturday, August 15, 2009

Email Blues

We expect things to always work. And for many of us today, our email is our lifeline. But things aren't always as we wish or expect.

The other day I got a very peculiar email from a good friend. The subject was about a robbery, but as soon as I read the letter, I knew it was a scam/spam. I sent a note to another of their addresses. Apparently someone hacked into her yahoo. My friend was later able to contact the company, prove her identity and set a new password.

Tonight our computer isn't accepting netivision emails, though we can send them, I think, and we do have internet. I guess I ought to send to my yahoo as a check. I did, and I can send mail. Maybe it'll be all better tomorrow... or a too large message is stuck. I'll call them later.

And another peculiar thing. I'm part of a "group site" where we network and reminisce. OK, honestly, the bulk of the posting is by people who grew up together. I'm of another generation. Like facebook and twitter, you can "friend" someone. For the first time, I was sent notice that someone wanted to "friend" me. I tried to remember who that person could be by the name. Finally I read the message... you guessed it, spam had gotten into the group site. So I started a "discussion" and asked the "owner" to delete that name.

Maybe I should just put on a dvd and not waste my time on this norishkeit.

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