Sunday, August 09, 2009

re: Explorer 8

As I had written in the previous post, I took the plunge and upgraded. Actually, I felt very brave and daring doing it, since I'm no expert in playing around with these things. Whether I did it correctly or not things have changed.

The 8 is like firefox which I use on the other computer, something I think I read, but it's not exactly the same. Both have the multiple tabs on the internet, which is supposed to use less whatever than opening a new window. Firefox automatically opens new tabs, such as when a yahoo letter refers to a blog or site, but explorer 8 opens a new window. That's annoying. I have to remember not to "click right," but the "click left" and choose "new tab."

There are all sorts of icons to click on top for various sites and services. The one I'd like, an online dictionary/spellcheck isn't there, though I can always use the google window.

But just this morning I noticed something good. Next to the newest tab box on top, there's a little unlabeled one. Click it and choose whatever site you want.

My mind keeps flitting to something else, but I can't get a handle on it to write about it.

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