Thursday, August 13, 2009

Freezing Tofu

I had once heard that it ruins the tofu to freeze it. I have a friend who boils it before freezing. Generally I cut a block of tofu into four pieces, start cooking one with vegetables for myself and the others go into a glass jar with water. The water should be changed every day or so. Generally I finish off the block within a week. And, no, I don't get tofu every single week.

Today, my husband brought home a kilo of tofu, and I ran to google for a consultation. Apparently tofu freezes fine, although the texture changes. The changed texture is more suitable for my tofu-vegetable meals. So I cut up the tofu into serving sizes, since I generally only cook it for myself. Each piece was placed into a plastic bag which was then tied shut, and they were all placed in a larger bag and that in the freezer.

Here are instructions from my friend:

When you defrost your frozen tofu, you will need to squeeze it out in order to get rid of excess water that somehow accumulates. It gets a "meatier" texture after being frozen; some people like it better that way, some less. I find it better for cooking after it has been frozen.

Actually, the excess water may be good, since otherwise I find that I have to be very careful about burning.

I'll let you know how they taste/cook as I use them.

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