Monday, March 01, 2010

Is Purim Really Over? Only Thirteen Lunar Months Till The Next Time

As usual, we ended with a bang of sorts.  The kids almost all came over to us today.  So after four Megillah readings I cooked and baked for my children, grandchildren, and yes, my father, too and husband, of course.

My hamantaschen needed an additional egg.  As the kids said:
"Only grandpa enjoys them. He eats bones, too."
The big surprise on the menu, a last minute (just decided this morning) was home-baked challot.  I hadn't baked challot in years, probably ten or more.  My sons, especially the younger, had taken over the challah baking in high school.  Then by the time they were both in the army I never resumed that aspect of baking.

I had an extra kilo of flour in the freezer and decided it needed to metamorphose into challah, so I put dehydrated yeast on the shopping list, searched my blog for the recipe and baked, hand-kneaded.  I don't have a mixer.

The kids were happy.  It was a taste of the past, of their youth.

Long after we finished eating I was telling them about the friend on the no nightshade diet to be relieved of arthritis, when suddenly I remembered that there was eggplant in the vegetables waiting in the oven....  So, I gave the kids food to take home.


Lady-Light said...

Sounds as if you had a wonderful family-filled chag! I hope that's the way we'll be for Pesach: my older son & his wife are coming from Givatayim, and my eldest and her middle sister (and the 3 grandkids) are coming from that other state (not ours)!

Batya said...

Thanks, it was great and my father had a fantastic time. He hasn't celebrated so many Jewish holidays since he was a kid.

I guess you're getting ready already for Pesach, very exciting.