Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Cracked, Aching Feet and Cleaning Progress

I can't remember the last time the skin on my feet dried up like this.  It certainly never happened so early in the spring, when I don't go sock-less.

The cream I found, a gift from the teaching staff where I worked for a couple of months, softened my hands, but I can barely move my feet because of the pain.

I wonder if the strong antibiotics I'm taking for an infection isn't making my skin more susceptible.

Oh, well.  Just another thing to kvetch about.

I guess today will be bathroom day.  My bathroom (the master one) needs a good scrubbing and the main one, used primarily by my father and for bathing by us, since our shower pipes get all stuffed, always needs cleaning.

And maybe I'll do the fruit/vegetable drawers and try to give away stuff from the freezer and figure out how many people for this Shabbat.  I'd like to cook "just enough" in advance, do the major switch to Passover before Shabbat and use disposables for Shabbat eating.  I volunteered to host the שיעור נשים Shiur Nashim, Women's Torah Class.  I frequently do it on Shabbat HaGadol, the Shabbat before Passover.  It's not that my house is better under control and ready than others.  It's because my maternal grandmother's Yartzeit death anniversary is the Eve of Passover.  She died just before my third birthday and I have vague memories of her.  Hosting the class is a good way to memorialize her.

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