Friday, March 05, 2010

Keeping Busy, Arts, Crafts and Exercise

More in the saga of caring for my very elderly father...

Most of my kids and all the grandchildren were over for the Shushan Purim Feast.  The kids got lots of presents including fancy, glittery pipe cleaners.  My father got a hold of some and began fashioning jewelry.

Yes, that's him putting a pipe cleaner necklace on me.  And yes, I'm in a wig, which I wear only on Purim.

My father always had a lot of artistic talent.  Now he can neither see nor control the pencil well enough to draw, so we were all very exited to see him use his talents on the pipe cleaners.

I had blown up a lot of balloons before the kids came over.  They didn't take them home of course, so my father and I now play "volley-balloon."  It's great exercise stretching and bending, lots of hand-eye coordination.  The balloons don't move as quickly as balls, and they don't pose risks of damage, injury etc.  When my kids were little we would play with balloons in the house when the weather was too nasty to go outside. 

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