Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Early-ish, But Time To Sleep

Yesterday I went to a wedding and got back late.  It was very special.  And then I couldn't unwind, so I really didn't sleep enough.  This morning I went down to Tel Shiloh for the Rosh Chodesh Prayers.  And then I went to the clinic for a skin infection I had just discovered.  I got antibiotics.  I don't take them all that often, but I just knew that I'd need some.

I'm tired.
Chodesh Tov
Good Night


Lady-Light said...

What happened to Ruby Tuesday? Thought you'd re-post my red beet pic.

Batya said...

My computer hasn't been cooperating with picture posting, and I don't see those picture memes as adding more than drop-ins.

I think it's better to post about "searchable" topics like easy and healthy recipes.

Lady-Light said...

Oh, so you are in the 'post to get more readers' business? I thought you post those pics for the beauty of it; and besides, I thought R.T. was very popular: many bloggers seemed to opt in, post their pics and comment.

Your tech problem is a different story.

Batya said...

I'd rather post pics I just feel like posting. If you do the RT, you have to visit other blogs, and it sometimes is very difficult on my computer. And if I'm visiting other blogs, I'd rather my blog friends than some strangers I have nothing in common with and will never have anything in common.