Monday, March 01, 2010

Peculiar Purim Printer Problem

On the first night of Purim...
because here in Shiloh there are two days, two nights, two feasts, double days in costume, double Mishloach Manot (shaloch monose) and four Megillah readings....

I decided to get a head-start on things and did the graphic design for the little "cards" to be stuck on the food packages for the Mishloach Manot.

It had to be changed from last years, which was signed משפחת מידד, Mishpachat Medad, the Medad Family, to ישראל, בתי'ה & Sidney.  That's Yisrael, Batya & Sidney.

Minor, unexpected, unplanned problem.  The printer didn't print.  So...

I emailed a request to a neighbor, to please print our Purim cards.  He has an up-to-date, state of the art, fully working computer and accessories.  Problem was that his and ours are so many generations apart his didn't recognize our clipart and fonts.  So, instead of a gorgeous little pic and perfectly fonted message, there was an empty box and dull printing.

Being that it's Purim, that's what I stuck to the food gifts.

Then, this morning, when I replugged* and turned on my computer, printer etc, I heard those familiar clicks and groans... suddenly the paper started to moving and a perfectly printed page of messages appeared.  So the lucky people receiving my Mishloach Manot today will get colorful, well-decorated and perfectly fonted little cards.

*Due to the frequent thunder and lightening accompanying the blessed rain, I thought it most cautious, safe and careful to totally unplug the computer last night.

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