Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oscar? Not My Uncle

No, I didn't see any of the movies nominated for the Oscars, Academy Awards.  I'm generally quite a few years behind in my cinema exploits.  I buy and sometimes borrow DVDs.  When I go to New York, I buy them in stores like Waldbaum's and Kmart.  Waldbaum's has better deals, and it's easier to pick a good movie than choose a good banana.

I must choose a movie to show to our movie club.  We do watch winners.  We've seen Network, Serpico, Scent of a Woman and lots of other great ones.

Choosing a movie for the club is more complicated.  It must be pretty clean, easy to follow and upbeat.  Last week they saw The Siege, a favorite of mine, but they didn't like it.  Sometimes they like movies I think won't be successful, like Radio.

I've been thinking of showing them the "Ya Ya Sisterhood," (or whatever ti's called,) but I'm pretty sure my father won't like it.

One of the members of the club was involved with the true case behind Mississippi Burning.  He agreed that we can see the movie and he'll talk about it.  I'll call them later to check that they'll be at the movie tomorrow.  If so, that's what we'll see.


Anonymous said...

skip Ya Ya
taste of a Woman? isnt that X-rated?

Batya said...

Scent of a Woman, Al Pacino, I'll fix the goof in post.