Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pre-Pesach Simcha Season

I must admit that not all of the very recent smachot, joyous events to Shiloh families  can be attributed to the annual "Pre-Pesach Simcha Season."  Births and the subsequent, thirteen years later, Bar Mitzvah are planned by G-d, not humans nor caterers.

We've had a joyously busy weekend, thank G-d.

Of course I wasn't invited to all, just some, and some were open to the entire community.

On Monday, shushan Purim, neighbors celebrated their son's Bar Mitzvah.  Then Wednesday evening there was  a wedding.  On Thursday night, there were two weddings affecting three Shiloh families.  That's because a local girl married a local boy.  That's not all there was.  Two families had Bar Mitzvah parties.

And then on Shabbat, there was also Shalom Zachor Friday night, the Erev Shabbat get-together the first Shabbat after a boy is born.  The Shiloh wedding had a reception, too.

In the morning after shul there were two kiddushim in two different synagogues; one was for the other wedding, and the other for one of the Bar Mitzvah boys.  Then in the afternoon the second Bar Mitzvah boy's family invited everyone for a reception.

MAZAL TOV to One and ALL!


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!כן ירבו

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They should multiply

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