Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kosher For Passover, Whew!

Yes, that's my kitchen, all cleaned and covered for Passover.  You can even see the Pesachdik percolator on the stove.

We succeeded according to my preordained schedule.  Yes, amazing, it worked.  Of course, I almost went to bed without taking out the chicken and fish from the freezer.  Nobody's perfect.

There's oilcloth (of sorts) covering the marble counters.  For almost forty years I pasted contac paper, then suddenly last year I decided that it wasn't worth the money and effort.  For lots less money I bought a couple of meters of this oil cloth and cut it to fit.  Actually I bought two pieces but discovered that one piece was large enough.  Of course, when I took it out of the closet last night I couldn't find any markings to indicate which piece was meat and which dairy.  I figured it out like a puzzle, as to which matched the size, sink etc.  It took a fraction of the time that the contac paper took to measure, cut, paste etc.  I used some left-over contac paper on the "island," more peninsula that's used as a work-surface snack table.

That's it for the early morning blogging email etc.

PS I just heard something at the door.  Last night I advertised on our Shiloh email that there was chametz for the taking, Cheerios, cake, etc.   Some of it was just taken.  I'm glad that someone is enjoying our left-overs.

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