Monday, March 15, 2010

Simple Sliced Fruit Plate

Healthy Entertaining Made Easy

I'm very lazy and that includes my food preparation. I can't stand doing anything difficult and complicated.  So, if you need cooking and menu ideas that are easy, I'm the one to ask.  Since I changed my way of eating and lost over fifteen (15) kilo (35 pounds) I've tried to stay away from serving, not only eating, cakes and cookies.

I served these fruit plates last week to the movie club.  All I did was slice up apples, oranges, bananas and a "star fruit."  Toothpicks were added for cleaner eating, and that's it.  Whatever fruits, fresh and dry, can be served.  You can provide small plates/bowls or just paper napkins.  This is easier than a fruit salad which must be served in a bowl or cup and eaten with a spoon.

I've discovered that if I eat enough fruit a day, at least three servings, I have no desire, no craving for any candies, chocolates, cake or cookies.  We do need something sweet in our system, and fruit is best.

PS Even diabetic guests can enjoy this, since they are permitted a certain amount of fruit, and the slices can be small and savored by eating slowly.

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