Monday, March 8, 2010

No, We're Not Closing for the Cleaning

Fellow female blogger Lady-Light of Tikkun Olam has blogged that she may not get to blogging until after Passover, but I'm not blogging that.  I need my breaks.

When I was a "FlyBaby" I learned to divide my chores into bite-size pieces, tiny doses.  It makes difficult work much easier, especially for cleaning-phobes like myself.  Since I took out all the fridge door shelves yesterday to clean them and plan on doing the same to the large shelves this week, G-d wiling, I know that when I get closer to the final big switch-over to Passover, it'll be easier.

Over thirteen years ago, when I worked in the Bagel House, a full-time job responsible for selling ready-made sandwiches plus to offices, I discovered something amazing.  On a normal day, after selling on my route, I'd sit over lunch at the desk, go over the day's sales and plan the next day's orders.  I'd work until the last second needed to catch the bus home.

But... on the rare occasion when I had a date to meet someone for lunch in Center 1, I'd leave the office for more than an hour, sometimes two, and I'd finish work early with time to spare.

Breaks from the desk, or cleaning, make us much more productive!


Lady-Light said...

Thank you for linking me...hey, I took a break, too--read my comment on yours!

Batya said...

my pleasure; I'll check it out