Friday, March 12, 2010

It's the Season; Not Just Caterpillars

Im not quite sure what happened to this photo.  I thought it was in the right direction, but...

Spring's the time of all sorts of things in bloom.  I've always hated caterpillars and even went through a rather phobic stage as a kid.  I remember going to a playground with my cousin and having an awful time trying to avoid stepping on them.  Now I just stamp them out, like the one I saw at my friend's doorstep the other day.

It's easier to avoid the turtles which wander the paths and streets this time of the year.  Kids collect them.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe since I wouldn't touch them.

One year for Pesach (Passover) we were with friends and all the kids were playing together.  One of their occupations was collecting turtles.  They had a bunch in a pail, and one of our friends freaked out about it screaming about cruelty to animals.  He forgot about cruelty to kids.  It wasn't very pleasant.


Lady-Light said...

In the course of cleaning for Pesach downstairs in our laundry/utility room, I found an official 'thank you' note from the NY Museum of Natural History for the donation of 1 Diamondback Terrapin, my turtle, Tzavyah. Your turtle pic reminded me of this. Maybe I'll blog about it (and the other stuff I found).
Where we live, it's not quite spring yet: no caterpillars, not many bugs in general at this time--and never mosquitoes, thank goodness; do you get them in Shiloh?

Batya said...

We get it all. Last year, a bit later in the spring, we had a snake.
I hope that there will be more rain. It's too early for it to stop.

Keli Ata said...

Boy do I feel stupid. I thought that was one of those miniature turtles lol

Batya said...

Keli, it's just something I spotted when walking.