Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ye Olde Green Cabbage Cure

For those of you wondering how my infected aching foot was doing, here's the lowdown:

The slow, slow improvement could not be due to the antibiotics.  When antibiotics work for a skin infection like that, it works pretty quickly.  That's why the doctor originally prescribed just a week of pills.

Friday night, I still felt the heaviness and periodic "toe strangulation," though less frequently and less intensively day by  day.  I remembered a "hair root" infection in one of my fingers when I was a kid.  The doctor opened it , pushed out the pus and cleaned it.  I was tempted to  perform that sort of minor surgery on my foot.  But it was Shabbat and I wimped out.

Then I remembered green cabbage.  I had first read about using the leaves of green cabbage on abscesses over thirty years ago.  One of my neighbors who works as a natural healer recommends it for all sorts of things.  Very siyatte diShmaya, hand of G-d, conveniently, there was a nice big green cabbage in the fridge.  I took off a leaf and wrapped it on the afflicted spot, using a cotton sock to hold it in place and then I went to sleep.

Over Shabbat I changed to fresher leaves and yes, Baruch Hashem, Thank G-d, I felt better.  OK, I also rested; I wasn't on my foot much.

I'll finish the second week of  antibiotics which ends very conveniently on the Eve of Passover.

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