Friday, March 5, 2010

Yes, I Baked Challah!!

After a hiatus of at least ten years, I got my hands sticky and baked challah.  What one doesn't do for one's children and grandchildren....

It had been so long that I had to look up my challah recipe on the internet.  I confess that I added more sugar than written there.

I'm sorry that I forgot to photograph the challot after baking.

Here's the general recipe for hand-kneaded challah, which can be doubled etc:
a kilo of flour, more or less, whole wheat and brown sugar

start with about a 1/2 cup sugar and 3T dehydrated yeast
mix in large bowl
add about 1/4 kilo flour then a pinch of coarse salt
mix with a spoon
add 1 1/2 cups warm water 6oz soy oil and 3 eggs
mix well and cover
let sit until fermenting
gradually add/mix the rest of the flour, starting with a spoon, until too thick, then use your hand
until the batter no longer sticks to your hands
then knead for 10 minutes
cover and let rise until double
punch down and rise again
(take "challah")
then shape, paint with raw egg, let rise, then bake
start with hotter than cake temperature, and when it starts to "brown" lower until less than cake temperature
when the bottom "hardens" and if you tap it sounds "dry," turn off the oven; it's ready
If you're using a mixer with a dough-hook, follow the general instructions for bread-baking or yeast dough for cake of the manufacturer.  And if anyone can please post guidelines for using a mixer in the comments, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Thanks

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