Sunday, March 7, 2010

Post-Purim Means Pesach Cleaning

This year's calendar is a tough one.  Passover starts on a Monday evening which gives very little time between Shabbat and the Seder.

If we were rich and independent we could go away for Shabbat HaGadol (the Sabbath before Passover) and return to a home ready for Passover cooking.  Maybe I should plan it very much like that, as if we had the Seder on Saturday night or something like that.

Shabbat food could be chametz on disposables and then switch the kitchen after Shabbat.  I will need all of Sunday for cooking.

Or  I could change the house before Shabbat and only serve oven food on disposables or serve Pesach food.

Yes, about cleaning.  I actually started, sort of.  I decided to start cleaning the fridge, so it wouldn't be a lot of work when I have to.  Oops!  Some of you probably clean it well every week or every month.  I admit that I don't, besides the obvious spills etc.  Now you know.  Yes, now you know that I'm an awful housekeeper.

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