Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chronic Mistyping, Repeat Typos

I never liked spelling.  Memorization isn't my thing, never was.  I learned "touch typing" in the 7th grade, JHS 74, Bayside, NY.  We sat at huge manual typewriters. I was always a rotten student.  I made tons of mistakes.

But somehow, the rudiments of touch typing, blind typing as it's known in Hebrew, entered my brain, from head to fingers.  I look at the screen now that I type at the computer, not at the keys.

But there are letters and words I mess up.  My "maiden name" is problematic because of the "ie."  Each letter is typed with a middle finger, and for some peculiar reason the "e" would get typed before the "i."

Nowadays my most mistyped word is "the."  It usually comes out "teh."  The Google toolbar has a spellcheck, which is very helpful.  Of course if I write the wrong word spelled correctly, it won't catch it.


Lady-Light said...

I can't type fast anymore...make mistakes b/c of a touch of arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

I touch type in Ivrit too, but very slowly; I don't have the Hebrew letters pasted on my keys, so looking down doesn't help!

(If I forget where a letter is, I have to look at the pic of the Ivrit keyboard which I printed out, hanging on my left doc holder attached to my monitor!)

Batya said...

Refuah shleimah. Have you tried the no nightshades diet to get relief from arthritis? My neigbor finds that it works. Because it's medical, she got a psak from our Shiloh rabbi that she must choose two kitniyot to replace potatoes for Passover.