Thursday, March 25, 2010

Insanity! Davka on The Eve of Passover...

... would you believe that I baked a cake?!?

I almost never bake, so why davka now of all times? 

There's a pretty dumb reason.  My husband bought home an awful lot of bananas, because when I'm too busy to cook, I serve bananas.  Some of the bananas he bought got squished, badly abused.  I took pity on them.  When I cleaned out the freezer today, I found some flour, so I made a shidduch.  Rather pathetic isn't it?

This way I was also able to use left-over chocolate chips and juice syrup.  It's going to be a strange cake.

It was almost a burnt cake, since until two minutes ago, the heat was too high, because I had been baking my simple but fancy vegetables and had forgotten to lower the heat.  Nobody's perfect, not even me.


Hadassa said...

Not strange to me! I have an entire collection of cake recipes based on fruit and fruit juice recipes, including a banana and apple juice concentrate cake. Chocolate chips sounds like a great addition. I'm on my husband's laptop or else I'd e-mail the recipe now.
I also baked a cake a few days ago. I bought oatmeal that I never got around to checking, so I finally checked it and used the last of the brown sugar and whole wheat flour, thinking to myself that I must be crazy baking a cake when everyone else is scrubbing her kitchen.
Nice to know I'm not alone.

Batya said...

We're soul sisters for sure.

The reason I've hardly baked in recent years is that I eat my cakes, but I think that I may start baking again. It's so easy and doesn't cost all that much.

Shabbat HaGadol is still Shabbat and even though our menu isn't my usual, let the men and guests enjoy a cake.