Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easy and Tasty Tofu and Vegetables

Cooking can be easier than calling for take-out deliveries if you have the right food in stock.  I keep serving size pieces of tofu in the freezer, each separately wrapped in a plastic bag, so I can cook a tofu dish without any problems.  (And my tofu doesn't spoil in the freezer as it would if I had kept it in the fridge.)

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to bake instead of the usual saute` in a large covered frying pan or cooking the tofu with leftover vegetables in a small pot.

As you can see, I cut some onion, squash, tomatoes and carrots.  (You can certainly add other vegetables such as peppers, mushrooms, cauliflower, etc.)  Then I placed them all with the still-frozen *tofu, some oil and Tamari (soy) sauce in a baking dish, covered and baked them on a medium heat.

When I could see that the vegetables were cooked, my meal was ready.

I served it with a simple salad.  Yes, I'm a very lazy cook and don't obsess over details.  Meals like these are healthy.  If you don't or can't keep all the fresh vegetables in stock, you may use frozen.  (Check what's written on the bag.  Some frozen, ready to cook vegetables have salt and preservatives.)  Cooking really is easy.  By home-cooking you can control your salt, carbohydrate and sugar intake.

Since my very elderly father has moved in with us, his blood pressure has been steadily going down and we've been reducing medication.

*You can make the same basic recipe using fish, beef or poultry.  Left-over (already cooked, which can also be kept in the freezer) takes less cooking time than raw.  Cheese can also be substituted for the tofu. Personally, I don't eat cheese and haven't served it to my father.  Most cheeses are terribly processed and contain a surprising quantity of salt.

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