Sunday, March 14, 2010

Suddenly Summer

We've had an unusually hot/warm winter this year.  Being that Shiloh is in the mountains, we did need the heater, and that's especially since my very elderly father is living with us.  But I'm not exaggerating to say that we went from having the heaters on to needing the windows open.

It suddenly became so hot that it now feels like the heaters were left on maximum for days on end.  But that's just the weather, mid-July in March.

Suddenly we need summer clothes.  My father didn't even wear his heavy jacket, the one I bought him for Chanukah which can be worn indoors.

I had to dig out my sandals from the shoe mess near my bed and wear summer clothes on Shabbat.

G-d willing, we'll have more rain, since Israel is still suffering from a drought and over-use (waste) of water.


Pesky Settler said...

I wouldn't rush to put the winter clothes away...

Batya said...

Very true, Pesky. That's spring here, winter, summer, winter, summer until taken by surprise it stays summer.