Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Most Frightening "Tremping" Experience

OK, except for the times I've wondered if I'm going to be stuck forever waiting for a ride, in the cold, rain, sun or late at night, the following story is really the most frightening I can remember after just over thirty years "in the business" of waiting for rides aka tremping...

It happened last night.
After got out of my friend's car at the Ofra Junction, she gave me her blessing, which has always worked, nudging G-d to give me a "speedy and safe ride home."  Within in less than a minute I was crowded into the backseat, next to a baby in her/his safety seat, with my three bags securing me well.  I was relieved that I had gotten my right foot in with rest of me.

The young mother driving left me off at the Shiloh Junction, but before I managed to cross the street to where I had to wait, I realized that I wasn't alone.  A "teenage" white dog was there, too, sniffing at my one of my bags, the thermal bag with the chickens inside.  Fresh, whole, kosher chickens are among the products Rami Levi purposely keeps selling at low prices, so I've been buying them there for the past few months.  I've saved us a lot of money by doing that.

Well, the dog kept sniffing, and I was trying to cross the street without showing panic or exciting the dog.  I even called out a bit, hoping that there were soldiers hiding, which is sometimes the case.  I wanted someone to shoot the dog.

The street had never seemed so wide, nor had never taken so long to cross.  I still had a long way to go, especially at the "relaxed--don't frighten the dog" pace I was going, when a pick-up truck turned into the road to Shiloh from the south.  I wanted to get into that truck ASAP.   At first it stopped, then it began moving, stopped again and even backed up a bit.  Thank G-d he waited for me! 

After I got in, the driver said that he had noticed me and realized that I was in trouble, so he waited.  And thank G-d and this unknown person going to Shvut Rachel, I made it home safe and sound.

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